Glass manifestations

Why would glass manifestations help my business? (And what are they?)

Simply put, manifestation window films are designed to help prevent people from walking into large panes of glassed areas, potentially causing themselves an injury. But this doesn’t have to be a purely functional application.


Safety Manifestation

Ensure the safety of your staff and customers with lined manifestation while simultaneously offering privacy 


Branded Manifestation

Why not incorporate your logo with the regulation markings? You can still comply with regulations while remaining on brand. 


Let's Get Creative

Why not let us inspire you with creative ways of remaining safe in your working environment while bringing innovative style into the space.

What are the rules?

Glass manifestation film products are for upgrading glazing in accordance with Health and Safety recommendations which advocate the marking of large uninterrupted areas, such as showrooms.
Specifically, the workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992, Regulation 14 states that:

“Every window or other translucent surface in a wall or partition…door or gate shall, where necessary for reasons of health safety…be appropriately marked or incorporate features so as in either case to make it apparent.”

Manifestation marking can take the form of dots, squares, stripes etc or bespoke designs repeated at appropriate intervals or heights.

Current regulations require two rows:
One applied between 850mm x 1000mm high from floor level
The second between 1400mm x 1600mm high from floor level

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