solar control

Solar Shade

Protect your office from UV, glare and heat making your working environment a  pleasant one for you and your team.


what do you need?

Our solar films are a long lasting and durable solution easily fitted onto your existing glass to cut down solar heat and glare.

UV Filter & Fade Protection

This type of film, often referred to as museum film, is seen regularly on shopfronts, art galleries or stately homes. The film, which comes in a variety of finishes and grades is suitable for any premises with a potential fading problem, which can be a costly issue. 

Anti Glare Film

Even though we live in England, the sun’s glare can still be a problem all year round. Visibilty and comfort can all be affected by this bright light. Our professional team will apply glare reduction film to instantly improve your office environment. 

Heat Control

There’s nothing worse that being stifling in an office environment. Our solar films are professionally designed and installed to reduce the build-up of heat within your premises.

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